Friday, July 9, 2010

Even my pictures sucked

So humid this week any picture I took looked like it was in a fog and I tried to go out in the woods to take pictures this week but between working 2 twelve hour days and the HEAT. This was as good as it got. This little spider caught between my door frames trying to escape the heat.
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Geez already?

What The!!! It is the beginning of July
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I am blaming this

This was the beginning of my downfall this week. A family gave me this ice cold coke from an antique working cake machine. Since that day I have eaten crap and have not exercised. I can't get it back. The only thing I am hanging on is so far the scale has remained the same and weigh in is Sunday so I am going to exercise tomorrow and although I did eat better today. I can do better tomorrow
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